FAQ: Understanding Our Custom ZJANI Watch Service and Policies

A1: Orders are generally delivered within a span of 14-25 working days post-confirmation. Delays might occur due to factors like elevated order volumes or logistic challenges.

A2: When you place an order with us, we begin a meticulous process of sourcing specialized components from our trusted manufacturers. These components are then skillfully assembled by hand in our workshops, located in the Netherlands and Asia. Our commitment to quality means we take the time to ensure each watch meets our high standards, resulting in a unique and high-quality timepiece. This careful crafting process is time-intensive, but we believe it's crucial to deliver a product that meets your expectations. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with an exceptional and distinctive watch.

A3: While we are not directly affiliated with Seiko, we can use their well-known parts, like their genuine movements, to make unique watches by mixing them with high-quality aftermarket parts.

A4: Absolutely! All watches come with a 2-year warranty, underscoring our confidence in their quality and craftsmanship.

A5: Certainly! We empower you with the right to return any of our watches within a 14-day period post-receipt, ensuring your satisfaction.

A6: Orders can be cancelled without providing any justification within a 24-hour window from the placement time.

A7: Post the 24-hour mark, the procurement of components from our suppliers commences immediately, rendering cancellation unfeasible. We appreciate your comprehension and respect for the manufacturing timeline.

A8: Yes, you can. Our money-back guarantee still stands. After receiving the watch, get in touch with us to begin the return process, and upon receipt of the returned item, we will process your full refund.

A9: Indeed! We offer a specialized modification service enabling you to tailor-design your watch. For additional information and to start the customization journey, please reach out to us.

  • A10: Yes, our customer support team is available to address any queries or concerns you may have. Connect with us via email: support@zjaniwatches.com, Facebook, or our website’s contact form.
  • A11: We procure our watches and components from esteemed manufacturers and suppliers in the watch industry, with movements typically sourced directly from Seiko's factory in Japan & China, ensuring each piece's quality and dependability.

Join us in making a difference: 10% of all proceeds from our sales are dedicated to supporting Pakistan's Waterpump Aid initiative. This vital program focuses on installing and maintaining water pumps in remote areas of Pakistan, ensuring reliable and clean water access for communities in need. By choosing our products, you're not just making a purchase; you're contributing to a cause that transforms lives, promotes health, and fosters sustainable development in regions where water scarcity is a critical challenge. Together, we can empower communities and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Seiko mod watches are customized versions of standard Seiko watches, where enthusiasts and specialists modify various components like dials, bezels, hands, and straps. These modifications allow for unique, personalized designs while maintaining Seiko's renowned durability and precision. They cater to those who appreciate both the craftsmanship of Seiko and the individuality of a bespoke timepiece.

Seiko mod watches for business and water sports combine professional elegance with rugged durability. Business models feature sleek, sophisticated designs with customizable faces and bands, suitable for formal settings. Water sports variants are built with enhanced water resistance, luminous dials for visibility underwater, and robust materials to withstand aquatic activities. Both types maintain Seiko's precision and reliability, offering versatility for diverse lifestyles.